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Pet Sitting Services in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

  • Alexandria

  • Annandale

  • Clinton

  • Flemington

  • High Bridge

  • Kingwood

  • Lebanon

  • Pittstown

  • Quakertown


Vet Recommended

Professional Pet Sitting Tailored To Your Needs

Insured and Bonded for Your Peace of Mind


Flemington Dog Walker

"Wanted to whole heartedly recommend HBPC for your pets. I am traditionally stingy with my online reviews, but Karen has continuously outperformed expectations. I trust her with my full farm of animals - She handles anything we throw at her, including a dachshund with spinal surgery...the animals love her...Don't hesitate to book her service, you can't go wrong here."-

Pam O.

Hunterdon's Best Pet Care

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Thanks for reaching out to HBPC, we'll be in touch!

I highly recommend as well as endorse HBPC! I am very particular and in plain English trust No one with my pets. They are comparable to children and for years I did not vacation (my Ex can attest to that!) unless a family member was available to pet sit.

After interviewing Karen the Owner for all of 20 minutes (and over the phone to boot) there was no doubt I found a competent pet sitter. I knew this was a good fit. Call it intuition.  

Upon meeting in person, discussing requirements, and seeing the interaction with my pets I was comfortable that I made the right decision. 

Karen has been caring for my pets, not just walking/exercising my dog, for several months now and I know they are in excellent hands. I don’t worry about my cats getting out of the house, or the dog running loose and not returning home. I no longer worry about the care of my farm animals as Karen has had her own including horses and such, and knows how to properly care for them as well as keep them protected.  

I receive daily texts, which are no longer needed but greatly appreciated.  

If you are in need of someone to care for your pets in whatever capacity, And want someone who truly cares about the animals (it’s not just a business) and can be trusted to fill that need, seriously consider HBPC.  

I know I’m shooting myself in the foot by recommending HBPC. This means others will want her services, which could negatively impact me, but I trust she will do the right thing and continue to honor current clients while adding new clients where possible.-

-Gail H.

Pittstown Pet Sitter
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