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3 Tips for A Happy, Safe Holiday with your Pets

Yes, it's that time of year again, and we've all heard or experienced some crazy, funny, and sometimes scary stories about what trouble some pets can get into during this festive season...

I've had my own experience of walking home to find my cats had taken down my Christmas tree while pretending they were jungle jaguars...thankfully they were both ok. But I did have to make some adjustments to keep them safe...and me SANE! That was decades a go and even though I no longer have any cats sharing my home, I still wire up my tree every year!

As a pet sitter in Hunterdon I've seen a Flemington clients' dog trying to poop out tinsel too! Not a pretty sight, and also pretty dangerous for the dog. It had a happy ending, but it does give one pause to consider whether tinsel was appropriate or necessary when decorating her Christmas tree.

The holiday season can pose unique dangers, stress and potential problems for you and your pets, but with a few simple measures to ensure their safety and happiness your pets can enjoy this special season...

Below is a nifty infographic created by the ASPCA that might give you some helpful tips!



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